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Our history

Founded in 1961
Patron: H.R.H. Princess Lilian, Duchess of Halland

In 1961, our founding member, Sissi Rasmussen, and nine other young wives and mothers new to Sweden met through school and social circles and became friends. They realized that they all faced the same challenges in living abroad. They wanted to share their experiences, learn from each other and most of all meet and make friends during the shorter or longer time they lived in Stockholm. This is how the International Women's Club of Stockholm was born.

Word spread quickly and the club rapidly grew into a unique international society with regular lunches featuring prominent speakers or performances. Introduction to Swedish culture was established through these lunches, coffee mornings, afternoon teas and visits to art exhibitions. The same applies still today. Over the years the other important aspect of the club, philanthropy, grew in importance.  

Meet our members

IWC Stockholm brings together expatriate women living in Stockholm. Our circa 300 members are truly international and represent over 60 nationalities. Swedish members who have returned to Stockholm after living abroad for a long period of time also play a role in the Club.  Meet some of them below!

Israt Shekspear .jpeg

Ishrat Lindblad

Member since 1964

The club has meant a lot to me during 50 years of my membership and I was grateful to be able to serve on the board as Programme chair between 1998-2000 and then as President when we celebrated our club’s fortieth anniversary in 2001. Now that I am retired, the club means more to me than ever before.

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