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Events & Activities

The Club provides opportunities to interact and share the cultures and interests of our members. IWC organizes activities that help expat members familiarize themselves with Stockholm and with Swedish culture.


Monthly Luncheons

One of the traditional ways for club members to meet  each other is the monthly luncheon. Each month a different place is chosen among the best restaurants in Stockholm with special program and guests. Every lunch is also almost always preceded by a short moment where you can mingle and get to know each other better. 

Coffee with Friends

Coffee Mornings & Afternoon Tea

It is always nice to connect and see new faces at our morning coffee/ afternoon tea. Join us for one of our regular activities or let us know if you'd like to lead one yourself!
For new members, this is a great place to start and meet our members!

Tourists Reading Map

Monthly Tours

In order to explore the exciting things that Stockholm has to offer, the Club organises monthly museum visits or interesting tours in and around the Stockholm area. From popular museums or boat tours to secret royal waiting rooms and little known palaces, the monthly tours are a great way to explore your new hometown.

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Activity Groups

Today we have 10 different activity groups: Cooking & Baking, Shakespeare Reading, Book circle, Mahjong, Walking & Talking, A Stitch in time, Musical appreciation, Restaurant, Opera & Art gallery groups. As well 4 conversation groups: German, Swedish, Italian, Russian.

Past Events


Thai Cooking Event


Wine Tasting


Annual Garden Hat Party

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