President´s message

May & June 2019

Dear Ladies,

”Seismic shifts:

A year of completion, transition, and reflection”

We are ending the club year with a bang by offering a plethora of activities in May and spilling over to June: Cinco de Mayo party, AGM, afterwork at a private wine cellar, tour of the Gäddviken (Opera Costume Museum), exclusive private preview of a Royal Swedish Ballet production, Running/Walking Vårruset 5K, and finally the much anticipated Garden Hat Party at the Turkish Residence as our final event!

One significant task that the constitution committee worked meticulously on was updating the IWC Constitution. We have proposed several changes; please refer to the proposal included in this bulletin for review. We will vote on the new version at the AGM on May 7, please make every effort to attend!

With the remaining time of this club year, the board will focus on establishing our social media presence and usage policy as well as electronic bulletin format to slowly but surely modernize the club. As part of the transitioning process to the new board, we will be updating standing rules and roles and responsibilities to reflect current processes. As always, the Board would love to hear from you with your suggestions, please let us know what you think we can do differently in the future.

As I look back on this club year to write my final article as your president, I’m filled with bittersweet sentiments. It has been an honor to serve the club that has given me so much in return since I first arrived in Stockholm six years ago. I hope that I, with the help of my wonderful board and ever so generous sponsors and members, have given you an unforettable year full of interesting events to look back on filled with happy memories.

Wishing you all the best and a happy, warm, and relaxing summer!

Teresa Andersson

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