President´s message

April 2018

Dear Ladies,
Spring is in the air and we are back to summer time! After a long and dark winter it feels so nice to turn your face towards the sun and enjoy the power of nature.

Our Valentine’s Day lunch turned out to be a real feast of love and friendship with all the beautiful decorations our hostess Stefania and her hostess committee made for us. Thank you all! Many thanks also to Charlotta Huldt for her beautiful performance and engaging IWC members to participate. This winter the flu viruses have been exceptionally strong and unfortunately it caused some cancellations both in program and among the guests. Those who could not make it to the lunch can experience the atmosphere through our very own photographer Ivee’s photos published in the Bulletin, website and on our Facebook page. If you are not yet a member of the IWC Facebook, I highly recommend that you join. You’ll get the most up to date information there and photos are in colour! Only IWC members have access to this page.

At the end of February we welcomed our new members to a newcomer’s mingle hosted by Maria Luisa Wetter and her daughter Christina. It was a lovely evening indeed. These gatherings are an excellent opportunity for all of us to welcome the new members and get to know each other. Thank you Maria Luisa for your kind hospitality! Time goes fast and now we only have two more active club months left. Please join the April lunch and start to prepare for one of the most popular IWC events, our garden party with hats, in May. I wish you all a Happy Easter and look forward to see you at Ulla Winblad!

With warm wishes,

Pirjo Soppi-Sandell

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