President´s message

September 2019

Dear Ladies,

Welcome to a new Club year.

I thank you for your confidence and trust in accepting me as your new President. Having held this position once before, I know that the effort involved is both interesting and rewarding.

Thanks to the retiring Board members… Teresa Andersson, Kim Andersson, Stefania Tedenholt, Marie Stenulv and Maria Walberg. I wish Teresa and her family every happiness in Thailand.

Thanks to those who chose to remain on the Board… to Ulla Daag, Carol Atkins, Susan Lindhe, Julia Mills and Ivee Blossom Hidvegi. Continuity is always an asset. A warm welcome to the new Board members Deepika Singh, Solveig Brunner, Karin Collin and Vita Sirica. I look forward to a harmonious year working together.

In June, the end of the last Club year was highlighted by a delightful garden party hosted by Mrs Figen Yunt, the wife of the Turkish Ambassador.
Although I was not present, I understand that it was a great success and thanks go to Figen and the Embassy for their generosity and kindness.

I hope you are rested after the summer and now are eager and ready to join in all the activities and events we have planned for you this coming year.
We also encourage you to bring guests as they too are always welcome.

Keeping up-to-date in this rapidly changing world is both exciting and educating but sometimes daunting. Many of us are used to working with computers, but not everyone is au fait with pcs, the Internet and Facebook and we have to respect this. Therefore, we will continue with the paper bulletin as well as an on-line bulletin and our Facebook page which is a closed group for Club members only.… and if you have any questions, you only have to pick up the phone to contact me or any of the Board members.

I look forward to seeing you at the first lunch of the Club year to be held at Ulla Winbladh and at other events taking place this month.

Goodwill and friendship to all,

Best wishes,

Caroline Wallin

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