Become a member

Step-by-step instructions

Print the membership form, fill it in clearly and accurately and have a friend or acquaintance who has been a member in our Club for at least one year sign as your sponsor.

If you have no sponsor, do not worry. Use our contact form and let us know you are interested and the membership chair or secretary will contact you .

AFTER you have been notified that you have been accepted, you may then pay the membership fee for new members, 700 SEK (first year) .

Bankgiro Account 269 2770

Send your application to:
International Women’s Club of Stockholm
Box 7301
103 90 Stockholm, Sweden

After reviewing your application the Membership Chairperson will then submit your application for consideration to the Executive Board at the next monthly Board Meeting. She will write to you to let you know of the Board’s decision. If you have been accepted as a member, you will receive your membership card and directory along with your membership confirmation letter.

Please note:
Each member can sponsor only two applicants per Club year. If anyone forgets this rule and sponsors more than two people, you will be asked to find another sponsor.

Membership rules & restrictions

Foreign born English-speaking women
A. New membership shall be open to all foreign-born English-speaking women who are not originally of Swedish nationality and who have resided in Stockholm no more than 10 consecutive years prior to their application.

(Where an applicant has lived in Sweden, moved abroad (for a minimum period of one year) and returned to Sweden before making a membership application, the burden of proof in relation to residency abroad lies with the applicant).

B. Women who have resided in Sweden for too long a period to be eligible for membership may be admitted under a separate quota of 10% of the total membership allowed.

English-speaking women of Swedish nationality
C. Women of Swedish nationality who have been living abroad for more than 10 consecutive years and have returned to Sweden no more than 3 years prior to their application will be considered for membership. The number of Swedish members shall not exceed 10% of the total membership allowed.

D. Swedish-born woman with full diplomatic status representing another country in Sweden

View PDF - Membership application

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